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Distillation is a process of physically separating units and is not in any way a chemical reaction. Distillation as a commercial process or using copper stills has a slew of applications. For one it is utilized to separate crude oil into specific fractions for various uses. Water for instance is distilled in order to remove any of its impurities.

As an example seawater is separated from salt. Air is also distilled to separate oxygen argon and nitrogen for industrial purposes. The process of fermenting distilled solutions has long been used in ancient times in order to create distilled beverages with a high alcohol content.

The history of distillation

The initial evidence of the distillation process or an early form of copper stills was seen from alchemists in Ancient Greece during the 1st century AD in Alexandria. Also distilled water has long been in existence since c. 200 when the process was described by Alexander of Aphrodisias.

Arabs later learned the distillation process using copper stills from Egyptians who used distillation extensively in their experiments. During the 12th century a solid evidence of alcohol distillation or an early form of a whiskey still was seen from the School of Salermo.

Meanwhile the 13th century is where Tadeo Alderotti developed fractional distillation. In the 1500’s Hieronymus Braunschweig – a German alchemist – published The Book of the Art of Distillation Liber de arte destillandi. It is considered as the first discovered book exclusively dedicated to the topic of distillation. This was followed by an expanded version published in 1512.

Early types of distillation involved batch processes via a single vaporization and condensation. Purity was further improved through distilling the condensate. More volume was processed through repetition. Chemists were said to produce more than 500 distillations to acquire a pure compound.

During the 19th century, modern techniques involved reflux and pre-heating. In the year 1830, a patent was given to Aeneas Coffey by the British for a whiskey column. This has been said to be the archetype of petrochemical modern units.

  • Cinamon Kitchen
    This restaurant located in Vaibhav Khand is known for making the best of Indian & Chinese food. The ambience of this restaurant is quite good which makes the dining experience very delightful. The specialties here are Chicken Tikka, Chicken Tandoori, Murgh Malai Tikka, Murgh Hariyali Tikka, Paneer Malai Tikka, etc.
  • Spice Mall
    Spice Mall in Indirapuram is the best place for entertainment and to have good food. An array of restaurant chains is available in its premises like KFC, Yo China, Moti Mahal, Kaustubh, Andaaz E Lucknow, King’s Kulfi, Pind Balluchi, Haldiram, Made in China, etc. This place has a little bit of something for everyone.
  • Amritsari Restaurant
    The Amritsari Restaurant is a delight for the Punjabi Food lovers. Eating the Punjabi Cuisine of this restaurant is a must do thing before dying. This place can be located at the Parsavnath Complex opposite Shipra mall in Indirapuram.
  • Haandi Pure Veg Restaurant
    Haandi Pure Vegetarian Restaurant is an excellent dining option for the vegie lovers. This restaurant also offers delicious vegetarian food on corporate & bulk orders. Malai Chaap Tikka and Tandoori Platter are the highly appreciated makes of this restaurant.
  • Sagar Ratna
    Sagar Ratna is good at fulfilling the hunger needs related to idlies, dosas, utthapams and other south Indian dishes. Since years, the Sagar Ratna has maintained a strong reputation for quality.
  • X Hale Hookah Lounge
    For youngsters, the X Hale Hookah Lounge at Majestic Arcade is a good place to hangout. Its services are not better than Reverb or Quantum but they are also not less than them. Highly sophisticated interior has been used in making this Dance club & pub.
  • Le Saffron Restaurant & Party Lounge
    The Le Saffron Restaurant & Party Lounge at Vaibhav Khand, Indirapuram is a good party restaurant which offers good services at reasonable prices. On an order this restaurant also takes care of the birthday cakes and decoration.
  • Let’s Noodle and Yo China
    Let’s Noodle excels in the art of Chinese Cuisine & culinary. These restaurants maintain the standardized Chinese conventions while making the food. Both of them specialise in making variety of noodles, soups and momos.
  • To make herbs last longer, trim ½ inch of its stem and immerse the herbs in a glass of water. Cover it with a plastic bag and place it in the refrigerator. The water has to be changed every two to three days. Asparagus, limp celery and broccoli can also be stored similarly in large jars.
  • Corn should be consumed without much delay as their sugars turn into starch. But if the delay is not avoidable then it is wise to not remove its husk until its ready to cook. Corn should be refrigerated in a wet paper bag placed in a plastic bag.
  • Lettuce can be refrigerated for over a week’s time when washed, trimmed and rolled in paper towels and stored.
  • Berries spoil quickly. Soak them for five minutes in a bowl of 3 cups of water and 1 cup vinegar. This treatment kills bacteria and mold spores which cause the berries to rot. Drain, rinse and dry them on paper towel. Then store them in paper lined containers.
  • Food and produces should always be stored in well ventilated bags to avoid spoilage.
  • Wipe moisture from fruits and vegetables before refrigeration.
  • Refrigerated Carrots last for a month when kept moist, wrapped in plastic.
  • Peeled potatoes, apples, pears should be stored under water with 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar to avoid browning.
  • When radishes and carrots lose their crunch place them in a bowl of iced water with a piece of raw potato and watch them freshen up within minutes.
  • Hang bananas from a hook to prevent accelerated ripening that occurs when bananas touch surfaces.
  • Cheese should be removed from its original packing, wrapped in a cloth sprinkled well with cider vinegar to avoid molding and rewrapped in plastic or wax paper and sealed in a plastic bag.
  • In order to make cottage cheese or sour cream last longer, place the container upside down in the fridge. This creates a vacuum that inhibits the growth of bacteria that causes food to spoil.
  • Eggs which are fresh sink in water and bad ones float.
  • Wine or champagne that’s gone flat can be restored by dropping a raisin or two into its bottle. The natural sugars will work magic.

You will not only save money by throwing away less food but also retain the nutritive value of these foods for longer by practicing these simple steps for preserving food for long.

One of the ancient practices in the area was harvesting salt from the sea and using it for curing meat as well as selling to others. Traditional methods were always used but the practise unfortunately died out and it was not resurrected until after the millennium. At this point there was one man who wanted to change his life; that man was Tony Fraser. Looking for a new business idea, he went through a huge number of ideas before, by chance, hearing about an old salt works that used to exist on the Lizard Peninsula. Inspired by this, he decided that this was the path for him and Cornish Sea Salt was formed.

It took four years for the business to get off the ground, set up the necessary methods and start producing sea salt to a satisfactory standard. So in 2008 the first pots were ready to be sold and really it’s been a success story since. As well as being stocked locally, it has been bought up by huge national supermarkets and has even been used by famous chefs such as Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall. The company has been expanding ever since and now there are a number of flavours of salt available, expanding the range and appeal to more and more people.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the whole venture is the way that it is produced. Of course the old method of using clay pots and fires is no longer practical; however, they do use a natural process that uses a mix of new and old technology. The harvesting plant is based right next to the sea, ensuring that it’s about as fresh as you can get. Firstly the pumped in water goes through three filters and a UV treatment to remove any impurities.

After this it is brought down to concentrated brine, heated and then the salt crystals form. These are then hand-harvested to produce what ends up on our tables. Any water left at the end is returned to the sea, ensuring that there is as minimal effect on the environment as possible. And with low energy usage at the top of their agenda, it is incredibly environmentally friendly. While this means that the process is slightly longer, it results in a much better product and a great image for the company.

The great Western Slope is where the most produce comes from. You have your famous Palisade peaches, Olathe sweet corn, and Grand Junction tomatoes. The peaches are so big and sweet compared to a California peach, it’s a night and day difference! Why are they so much better? Farmers swear its the hot dry sunny days and the cool crisp night’s combined with the soil and water from the snow pack of the Rockies. The weather can be very dangerous to the produce in spring. Mainly cherries and apricots because they start to bloom when the weather can still freeze. If the temp hits 27 degrees or below say goodbye to your Colorado cherries and apricots. There is also some great wineries on the western slope. I have yet to try the Palisade peach wine but I hear it is amazing. Colorado’s wine industry, contributed more than $40 million to the state’s economy during the 2012 growing season, according to a new study conducted by Colorado State University.

The plains of Colorado can grow some amazing fruits and veggies also. Ranging from all kinds of lettuce to the famous Rocky Ford melons. Certain areas of the state produces better fruit and veggies depending on what and where it is. Rocky Ford melons prove this because the town is in the southwestern part of the state, which is on the plains.

Some folks will only eat Brighton’s famous peaches and cream corn and some will only eat Olathe’s sweet corn. Both are grown in two separate parts of the state. I guess it’s what you grew up eating or started eating first, cause both are great. The peaches and cream kernels are crisp compared to Olathe’s corn which is a softer kernel.

The flavor of fresh ground peppercorns is used in creating tasteful dishes in many types of cooking. To keep their flavor intact, you can easily go for the electric pepper mill, an effective mini grinding machine that can easily grind pepper and many other spices. The machine can be used to grind raw peppercorns and create a finished powdered form in just a few seconds. The mill is generally electrically operated and can be used to create sufficient amounts of powdered spices with it.

The taste of the pepper is best when ground fresh. The small corns of pepper actually store the fragrance and flavor inside them. When they are ground using an electric pepper grinder, they release these elements and using them on any kind of dish generally enhances the flavor. If you are getting the packaged powdered pepper from the market it will be fully effective only until their first use. After the seal is broken and the ground pepper comes in contact with the air it begins to lose its fragrance. That is why chefs use fresh ground pepper when cooking.

If you are using an electric pepper grinder then you can easily grind your own peppercorns as needed. You can grind as much pepper as needed so that there is no waste.

An electric pepper mill is an effective appliance whose presence in a kitchen makes cooking easier. The instant grinding that the grinder provides quality that can be directly used in your cooking. It also becomes cheaper this way as packaged peppers costs more than peppercorns. Since you will be buying the latter one and will be grinding them using your mill, you save money through this process. Thus, you can prepare even tastier food with the help of these home appliances.

There are several different kinds of mushrooms from which to choose. But, please do your choosing at the grocery store. Unless you are an expert, this is not one growing thing that you want to pick yourself! Many, of course, can be poisonous, and you don’t want to take that chance. So when looking for mushrooms for your mushroom recipes, the approved grocery store is your best place!

Mushroom recipes don’t have to be special recipes. You can take a recipe that you like and just add mushrooms to it. This works especially well for beef and chicken recipes, but there are vegetarian dishes that it works for too. A side of broccoli can be immediately perked up when a few mushrooms are added. Sometimes you can even substitute mushrooms for your meat. Thick and meaty Portobello are great for this. Many people use a big Portobello mushroom instead of a burger. It is delicious when cooked on the grill and topped with a piece of cheese for a cheeseburger!

The thing about mushrooms is that they can be very versatile in both flavor and texture. If mushrooms are added to a soup, they make their own creamy gravy thickening the soup automatically. They also dress up a dish. Sautéed mushrooms spread on top of a steak make for a very fancy dish! It also adds a little bit of a softer texture to the dish.

Sometimes people are a little intimidated about mushroom recipes. They are not sure how to go about preparing these gems. The biggest mistake people make is when cleaning the mushrooms. If you soak them in water to try to clean them, you will be left with a soggy mess that you are not able to cook with very easily. Mushrooms work best when wiped with a damp paper towel. You don’t want to soak them unless the recipe calls for this. Wiping them with a damp paper towel can be a bit messy, but it is definitely the best way to clean them. Or better yet, buy the ones that have already been cleaned. This is a huge time saver!

Persian food is one of the foods that most people in every part of the world tend to taste and taste one of them once in a while; It tastes its own taste and you can’t find a duplicate taste in it.

Read Foods – epersianfood.

persian foods

Delicious traditional Persian Foods

Delicious traditional dishes in every part of Iran have their own unique taste and you can’t find a duplicate taste in them.

How to cook Coco Potatoes

Coco is a popular, popular, and delicious Iranian food, usually used for dinner or lunch. It can also be a great idea for your picnic. Coco is often referred to as Iranian food, with its main ingredient being eggs. In this article, you will read how to make soft and delicious potato coco.


2 large potatoes

3 eggs

1 small grated yellow onion

1 tbsp flour

½ teaspoon of turmeric

½ teaspoon salt

چ teaspoon pepper

Oil in the required amount


Put the potatoes in a large pot and sprinkle with water. It should be covered with water up to a few inches above the potatoes.

Set the flame to normal and let the water boil and the potatoes cook in the water. After the potatoes are cooked, drain the water and let the potatoes cool.

Peel and grate the potatoes.

Stir the eggs in a large bowl. Add grated potatoes, onions, flour, turmeric, salt, and pepper. Stir the ingredients well.

Pour some oil into the pan. With a spoon, remove some of the ingredients and place them in the heated oil.

Roast the cookies until both sides turn golden.

How to Make Coco Vegetables

If you are looking for delicious and high-quality food, we recommend CocoaBook. In this article, we will teach you how to make delicious and delicious coconut greens.


400 g Coco Vegetables (leeks, parsley, coriander, dill)

2 eggs

A little grated

Salt, pepper, and turmeric

Walnut and barberry

1 tbsp flour



Heat 4 tablespoons of oil in a skillet over a gentle flame to prepare the seasoning. Add the barberry and saffron brew and stir for 5 minutes. After preparing the barberry, set them aside.

Break the eggs into a large mixing bowl. Add spices, salt, pepper, and turmeric. Stir with a little fork. Add garlic, walnuts, flour, and vegetables. Stir the mixture with a good fork.

Heat a little oil in a pan over a gentle flame. Pour the prepared mixture into the pot and bake until well browned (about 1 to 2 minutes). Return Coco and heat for another 1 to 2 minutes until golden on the other side.

Transfer coconut to the desired container and decorate it with barberry and walnut.

How to make a lens

Lentils are a simple, tasty, light meal that is quick to prepare and great for cold winter breakfasts. Lentils are a high-protein, fiber-rich food that when combined with potatoes, will have a pleasant and delectable taste. In this article, we will teach you how to make a lens.


½2 modules of lentils

1 onion

1 tbsp tomato paste

1 x potatoes

2 tbsp

Salt, pepper, and turmeric


First, clean the lentils and rinse them thoroughly with water to remove any dirt and contamination. After washing the lentils, pour water on them and let them soak for several hours.

Choose a pot for cooking lentils because of the size of the lentil’s doubles after baking. Pour some oil into the pot. Chop the onion or chop and sauté with oil.

After the onions are golden, add the yolk, pepper, and salt and saute for another 2 to 3 minutes, then add the tomato paste. The use of tomato paste in the recipe for lentils is optional.

At this point, add the soaked lentils to the contents of the pot and pour 6 to 7 cups of water on the lentils. Increase the flame to boil the water.

After boiling, lower the flame and let the lentils cook for half an hour. At this point, add the chopped Negrino potatoes to the lentils and allow them to cook on a medium flame for another half hour. After the lentils are fully cooked, decorate the lentils in a bowl with a little onion.



Although the US has not designed any laws to govern the use of GMOs, they are not considered safe by most countries. GMOs contain genetic combinations designed to produce insecticides within the plant or animal where science will genetically manipulate the plants. This means the plants contain natural contributions to insecticides, if there really is such a thing. Reports have shown potentially serious public health and environmental problems with GMOs.

The Non-GMO Project is a nonprofit organization focused on preserving and building non-GMO products, educating consumers, and providing verified non-GMO choices. They have developed standards where risk assessments are performed on foods at various points in the supply chain. If GMOs are present, especially presenting risk of harm, the source is required to be identified and removed immediately. Foods are also identified at various risk levels.

According to the Non-GMO Project, foods with the ‘organic’ label are required to be non-GMO. They have lists of GMO crops that include corn, cotton, alfalfa, canola, papaya, soy, sugar beets, zucchini, and yellow squash. Because of contamination in feed, they also list animal products, such as milk, meat, eggs, milk, and honey.

Common food ingredients can be derived from GMO crops. These can include artificial and natural flavorings, high fructose corn syrup, molasses, sucrose, textured vegetable protein (TVP), vitamins, yeast products, and others.

Consumer education is the key source for understanding and avoiding GMOs in foods. Because of marketing hype, consumers should not rely just on a label that states the product is natural. Labels can be filled with misconceptions.

For example, it is easy to assume that a product with a ‘natural’ label is grown without insecticides. The FDA definition of natural is the product does not contain added color, artificial flavors, or synthetic substances (artificially made by chemical reactions). This does not mean the product is produced without the use of insecticides and herbicides. GMOs contain genetically designed insecticides that would fall under the natural category under FDA definition.

To know and understand genetically modified food dangers, consumers should educate themselves on the facts of GMOs. Education should include how GMOs are developed in foods, how they affect us, and how to avoid them.

Fast Food for Convenience

Everyone has heard of fast food chains. These places offer meals at a cheap price and sometimes serve them before you even leave the register. In these restaurants, you order at the counter and wait as your meal is put together on a plastic tray. Entrees are delivered in paper wrappers or cardboard boxes. If there are eating utensils, they typically are disposable. Meals for kids may come with a prize of some sort.

Family-Friendly for an Affordable Outing

These restaurants are geared towards people with kids. They do not necessarily have to fall under the label of “fast food,” but they do generally offer children’s menus. While they may feature waiters and real plates, these establishments do not offer candlelit meals. Businesses that advertise themselves as family-friendly are more expensive than most drive-throughs but usually affordable for middle-class families.

Casual Dining for Everyday Occasions

Casual dining establishments may also be family-friendly, but they do not have to be. Typically, these places offer a relaxed atmosphere. You don’t need a reservation to get a table, and there is no formal dress code. You can feel comfortable wearing jeans or shorts and just enjoying the meal. Restaurants in these categories offer a variety of entrees and may have a children’s menu, but they aren’t as boisterous as the typically family-friendly setting. Establishments marketing themselves as casual dining are affordable on most budgets.

Fine Dining for Formality

Fine dining restaurants are the high end of the scale. These establishments serve quality appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Because they offer premium service and entrees, there is a higher price. Typically, these establishments do not cater to families and may not have a children’s menu. The atmosphere here is one of quiet socializing, and there may be soft music playing in the background. Lighting is often subtle in these places. If you plan to dine here, you should bring plenty of money, as these establishments are not cheap.