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About Paleo Meal Plan

About Paleo Meal Plan

The Paleo Diet is a balanced combination of meats, vegetables, fruits and nuts- just what was around before pre-processed food and pre-packaging! High protein and high fiber is provided by the meat and nuts food groups. Meats can include lean cuts as well as seafood! Vegetables and fruits give essential vitamins and minerals that we need. One of the unique features that you will find with these recipes is that the vegetables are either incorporated raw or slightly cooked, since nutrients are lost the longer they are cooked.

As you can guess, this diet plan is based on a conscious change to healthier eating. As an added benefit, since the body is using the quality nutrients from these recipes more effectively, there is little waste. Let’s face it- the waste in a diet directly translates to storage which can equal added fat. Since you will be eating lean meats, seafoods, vegetables rich in minerals and vitamins and fruits and nuts for added quality protein, the potential energy sources are almost all used by your body which leads to safe, healthy weight loss.

The Paleo Meal Diet Plan has been used by athletes as a source of quality proteins and nutrients the competing body needs. As an added benefit, users have reported ridding themselves of migraine headaches, dysfunctional sleep, mood swings and even some allergy symptoms. Institutions and publications such as the Mayo Clinic, The American Society for Nutrition, The New England Journal of Medicine and WebMD, among other, all agree that the Paleo Diet can lead to significant health, energy and fitness improvements.

Although you won’t be finding your pizza or peanuts in this plan, you won’t miss them with the diverse combinations of lean meats, seafood, fruits, nut and vegetables that are combined into nutritious, delicious, well balanced meals and desserts that will be enjoyed by all. Eat Healthy!