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Au NatuRaw, An Organic Garden Eatery

Au NatuRaw, An Organic Garden Eatery

Chef Marchell commented, “My work in public education was cut in the downward economy of the last few years and my health was suffering.” This is a situation that so many talented people have experienced and all can relate to the stress in life that it creates. Fast forward quickly, Chef Marchell realized that this provided her the inspiration and perfect opportunity to share her passion for delicious raw foods, so she dug in and opened her natural foods restaurant. Chef Marcell stated, “I wanted others to know just how healthy and delicious raw food could be.” This vibrant, smart and intuitive woman really knows how to cook with some very unique and interesting raw food dishes. Many of the dishes are served hot, not cooked higher than 118 degrees. This is the official cut off for maintaining raw food and its nutrients.You will find hot soup, veggie burgers and many delicious dishes such as Pesto Pizza, Cucumber Wheels and Romaine Tacos. I particularly enjoyed the raw Classic Guacamole Burger with mega-healthy ingredients including nuts, hemp seeds, mushrooms, “grilled” onions, spices and kale. And it’s served with tasty sesame and herb natural crackers and freshly made salsa. The menu is culturally interesting with popular dishes such as Buddha Bowl, Pad Thai and Hole Mole Enchiladas. You will also find many fresh and tasty beverages including a Green Tropic Smoothie with spinach, orange juice and mango.

Au NatuRaw is unique in that they prepare hot¬†DoMatcha¬†green tea Japanese style. Complete with a tea bowl and bamboo whisk, they whip up a hot cup of tea or latte right at your table. Fresh, green and good, the hot frothy tea is an excellent way to finish a meal. I haven’t seen another place in Orange County, that prepares this special tea right at your table. Chef Marchell also adds the tea powder to desserts such as her key lime pie.

The environment is extremely pleasant and is located at 206-A North Broadway, Santa Ana, Ca. in the heart of the Artists Village downtown. With high ceilings, a hanging garden, art, natural colors, quaint tables and fresh natural flowers, Au NatuRaw serves up a natural environment right along with very tasty dishes. If your destination is Orange County, Ca., and you want a healthy natural meal, try out Au NatuRaw for a toast “to your health!”