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Bake Quick Bread in Bulk

Bake Quick Bread in Bulk

You should look for a quick-bread recipe for bulk baking before you start to bake. You should get enough ingredients at the grocery store and some stores offer bulk supplies of ingredients like sugar as well as flour and you can place your order online in order to get the best deal. It is advisable to have extra amount of ingredient so that you will be able to make adjustment in the final mixture if necessary.

You should make use of a large mixer and bowls to produce a big batch batter which can be divided into loaf or muffin pans. If the batter is too much, there may be need to blend it up in quite a few batches and divide it at the end. You can simplify the process by making use of a professional kitchen with industrial mixers as well as other baking utensils.

The batter should then be distributed evenly among the loaf or muffin pans. If you end up with more batter that the pans can contain, you can refrigerate the extra batter while the first batch of loaves bakes. As soon as the first batch comes out of the oven, you should allow it to cool and then clean, dry and grease the pans again for the purpose of baking the subsequent batches.

The space in your oven should be used effectively and if you are using a conventional oven with only two racks, you should position the loaves in such a way that many of them can fit in at once. The total baking time can also be increased in order to properly distribute heat evenly to all the loaves. If you desire more space and in order to save time, you can use an industrial oven or a large clay oven.

If it is not in your plan to serve all the loaves of bread at once or within a couple of days, you can freeze them properly so that they can be prevented from becoming moldy or stale. Before freezing, you should allow the loaves to cool completely and they should be wrapped tightly in a plastic wrap.