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Breakfasts for Healthy Dieters

Breakfasts for Healthy Dieters

Grilled tomatoes and mushrooms on whole grain bagel

Tomatoes and mushrooms are best grilled so you avoid adding calories by soaking them in oil.

Mushrooms and tomatoes are included in the 5 A day as well as whole grain bread which includes vitamins B and E, plus fiber and minerals.

Porridge with semi-skimmed milk topped with dried fruits

Insoluble fibers are considered gut healthy fibers as they do not dissolve in water and speed up the digestion process of which the passage of food passes through the gut, providing an almost laxative effect and the oats do exactly this which may help reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.

Oats however are unlike other insoluble fibers like vegetables as they still take a while to break down keeping you fuller longer while they release sustained energy with additional fruit to boost vitamin count.

Low-fat spread on whole meal bread and a boiled egg

Rich in minerals, vitamins A and D, riboflavin and protein, eggs are an essential 5 A ingredient while whole meal is an insoluble fiber that contains vitamins B, E, fiber and a wide range of minerals.

Muesli, low-fat yoghurt and fresh fruit

Calcium in low fat yogurt provides a source of protein combined with a mixture of both insoluble and soluble fibers found in muesli.

Soluble fibers in this case form a gel like matter when digested causing you to stay satiated longer as it delays the emptying of the stomach which will help you control your weight.

Slower emptying of the stomach may also have a positive effect on insulin levels which in turn will help diabetics.

Soluble fibers will also interfere with the absorption of dietary cholesterol which can help lower LDL – bad cholesterol levels.

Semi-skimmed milk with whole grain cereal topped with fresh fruit

Whole grain insoluble fibers with semi-skimmed milk will be fortified with minerals and vitamins and with additional fruit, you help build up your anti-oxidant levels which are beneficial for destroying free radicals in the skin and body.