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Breweries in Western Australia

Breweries in Western Australia

Enjoy original beer recipes

Western Australian breweries have maintained many traditional practices and specialties of beer making. Many breweries still have master brewers who are able to use the original recipes to take you back in time. One of the known names for preserving these recipes is the Old Swan Brewery at Perth. This brewery is an important part of local history and attracts patrons from all over the world.

Variety of Brews

The Swan Valley in Western Australia is definitely the heart of the brewing industry. Here, you can get many varieties that are brewed in house. These brews appeal to even those who usually do not consume beers.

Themes and styling

The breweries in Western Australia have been created with the sole intention of creating memorable experiences for all the patrons. The Duckstein Brewery, for instance, is a tribute to Germany. The ambience is carefully created to give you the feeling of enjoying a chilled beer in a garden in Bavaria. In addition to this, even the menu is designed to give you a hint of the theme and complete the experience. This is a specialty that is available in most breweries in Western Australia.

Friendly ambience

Most breweries in Western Australia provide a comforting, informal ambience. You can expect the staff to greet you as ‘mate’ rather than ‘sir’. The staff in these breweries is extremely helpful when it comes to choosing from the variety available. They are trained to provide you with the best service.

Awards and accolades

Breweries in Western Australia have been acclaimed internationally. The special brews that are created in these breweries have received awards on an international platform. The crowds that most breweries in Western Australia attract are a testament to these award winning brews.

The concept of Microbreweries

Microbreweries are a relief from big beer brands available in Australia. These microbreweries create some of the most unique flavours and tastes that attract patrons from various parts of the world. Microbreweries provide local beers and ciders that give you something to look forward to during your travels.