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Cafe Culture in Tel Aviv

Cafe Culture in Tel Aviv

Some are open air cafes in which customers spill onto the crowded sidewalks, some are established franchises (Cup o’Joe, Aroma), and others are quaint, neighborhood cafes hidden in gardens away from the noisy streets (Cafe Kasbah). Whatever your cafe preference may be, TLV has it.

With beautiful weather, a laid-back attitude, and a booming tourist industry, this city boasts a thriving cafe scene. Many restaurants in Tel Aviv give off a more relaxed atmosphere by simply adding Cafe to the beginning of their name and playing coffee-shop music from the speaker.

Most of the cafe’s serve the typical food from Israel: Israeli breakfast, shakshuka, Arab and Mediterranean salads. There will usually be some variation of sandwiches which contain eggplant, red peppers, and goat cheese. The smaller and more unique cafes offer menus that vary depending on their specialties and the season. As Israel restaurants are known for using the freshest spices and produce (typically purchased at the local shuk), all cafe food tends to be surprisingly delicious no matter where you eat.

Not surprisingly, the cafe’s are filled with people at almost any hour of the day. Some are open late into the evening, or even throughout the night, and are constantly filled with customers. This is evidence of the laid-back attitude that is so prevalent in Tel Avivian culture. Residents and tourists sit at cafes with family, friends, or colleagues to relax, and sip their coffees while enjoying the amazing weather. Tel Aviv is a cafe culture city.