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Some are open air cafes in which customers spill onto the crowded sidewalks, some are established franchises (Cup o’Joe, Aroma), and others are quaint, neighborhood cafes hidden in gardens away from the noisy streets (Cafe Kasbah). Whatever your cafe preference may be, TLV has it.

With beautiful weather, a laid-back attitude, and a booming tourist industry, this city boasts a thriving cafe scene. Many restaurants in Tel Aviv give off a more relaxed atmosphere by simply adding Cafe to the beginning of their name and playing coffee-shop music from the speaker.

Most of the cafe’s serve the typical food from Israel: Israeli breakfast, shakshuka, Arab and Mediterranean salads. There will usually be some variation of sandwiches which contain eggplant, red peppers, and goat cheese. The smaller and more unique cafes offer menus that vary depending on their specialties and the season. As Israel restaurants are known for using the freshest spices and produce (typically purchased at the local shuk), all cafe food tends to be surprisingly delicious no matter where you eat.

Not surprisingly, the cafe’s are filled with people at almost any hour of the day. Some are open late into the evening, or even throughout the night, and are constantly filled with customers. This is evidence of the laid-back attitude that is so prevalent in Tel Avivian culture. Residents and tourists sit at cafes with family, friends, or colleagues to relax, and sip their coffees while enjoying the amazing weather. Tel Aviv is a cafe culture city.

The a la carte menu has a tantalizing choice of appetizers including pan-fried mackerel marinated in garlic, thyme and served with horseradish as well as a homemade fishcake of the day with tomato sauce and salad. Make sure to check the specials board to see what freshly caught fish is available. As you would expect from seafood restaurants in Northampton there are classic starters such as smoked salmon drizzled with olive oil, lemon and capers, crispy, deep-fried calamari served with tartar sauce and de-shelled king prawns served in either garlic butter or tomato and chilli. Diners in the mood for something other than sea food will be tempted by the homemade duck and chicken liver pate with redcurrant jelly, basil dressing and toast or the succulent carpaccio of beef served with ‘chefs’ dressing. Vegetarians have not been forgotten with choices like oven-baked goat cheese topped with caramelized onion or the rich and earthy ravioli stuffed with mushrooms in a homemade tomato sauce.

Nothing goes as well with fish and seafood as a carefully chosen wine. Fortunately The Vineyard Restaurant has an excellent wine list and friendly house manager, Tina, takes great pleasure in assisting diners with food and wine pairings. If you want to try something a bit different then monkfish tails served with beurre blanc sauce is a great option, or why not try the sea bass in leek and mustard sauce for a fish dish with a slight bite. A very popular dish when available is the loin of cod with black butter and fried capers, and those who want a real indulgence can order the fish platter with king prawns, cod and sea bass in a decadent saffron sauce.

If seafood isn’t your first choice don’t worry as The Vineyard, like many restaurants in Northampton, also has a great selection of meat, pasta and salads. Steak lovers will be happy to see prime British fillet served with a choice of homemade sauces; Stilton, Diane or classic peppercorn. Other options include duck breast infused with summer fruits, a tender chicken breast topped with parma ham and mozzarella and the rack of lamb with garlic and herb crust comes highly recommended. All the main courses come with fresh seasonal vegetables and potatoes from the local Northampton market. Those dedicated to pasta can enjoy penne arrabiata, spaghetti carbonara and ricotta and spinach tortelloni, while the chicken Caesar salad is always a treat!

The lunch and pre-theatre menu offers a choice of 1 or 2 courses and has a great range of dishes from classic prawn cocktail and garlic mushrooms for starters to smoked haddock and spring onion fishcake and a rich, homemade pie of the day for mains. The Vineyard Restaurant in Northampton serves fresh, delicious and classic food in stylish surroundings. With an established history of quality and excellence, this is a very busy and popular spot for those looking for something special, booking is highly recommended.

Starters include many classics such as tandoori chicken, meat and vegetables samosas, onion bhaji, aloo chat and prawn on puri. Diners looking for an extra special experience should try the Kurzi lamb, which needs to be ordered 24-hours beforehand. This succulent and decadent dish features a whole leg of lamb marinated in spiced yoghurt sauce and roasted for 4-hours to really maximize its flavour. Before being served it is then smothered with flavoured minced meat curry and garnished with salad dressing. Unlike many other Indian restaurants in Lincolnshire, Bindi goes beyond the usual to offer diners exquisite dishes not normally seen on the menus of many curry houses. The achari bahar includes marinated pieces of chicken or lamb cooked in a tandoor oven and then smothered in a hot, spicy sauce with pickled Indian fruit. Those looking for something milder can tuck in to the mango delight with barbequed strips of chicken breast cooked in a creamy, mild, rich sauce topped with fragrant ripe mango.

Curry lovers needn’t despair however as Bindi still offers a wonderful range of curries like the milder korma, bhuna and rogan josh. Guests wishing to delve a little deeper into the world of spice can try the dansak. However this restaurant doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to spice and diners wanting to test themselves are invited to take Bindi Restaurant’s exclusive “Widower” challenge, but be warned this is definitely not for the faint hearted. I.D is required and a disclaimer must be signed! This is certainly not a challenge you would see in most restaurants in Lincolnshire and it has garnered plenty of media attention. However, diners who just want to enjoy a relaxed meal with no challenges involved have plenty of delicacies to choose from on Bindi’s menu. Succulent butter chicken, indulgent tandoori king prawn koraya and delicately spiced lamb biryani are just a few of the dishes waiting to tantalize your taste buds!

High quality food

A good restaurant that values its customers will go to lengths to set high standards with the food quality it offers to the customers. Quality food can actually earn a restaurant good reputation and compel most guests to visit again and even recommend it. The ingredients used and skilled cooks can determine food consistency and every guest should have their food served as they order. When comparing restaurants and you are particular with food, consider what other guests have to say about the quality of the food to expect at the restaurant.

Impressive overall experience

Another quality that makes a restaurant good and you should consider when finding a good restaurant is the overall experience. How interactive and friendly is the staff? Is the environment clean enough to your liking? Are the servers competent and how fast do the arising issues get to be resolved? Customer satisfaction should be the most valuable to management and hence everything possible should be done to ensure that you have the most pleasant experience every time. Restaurant reviews can help you determine how good it is in ensuring that customers get nothing but the best.

Good management team

The management team plays a huge role in how the restaurant is run and should ensure that customers are satisfied. What measures has the management put in place to smoothen the running of the business? Is the staff supervised in terms of service delivery and customer handling? A good restaurant should actually have an active management team that knows how to handle issues as they arise. As a customer, you also want to know that you can get support and help with anything that you could need while in the restaurant and have your pleas listened to and solutions offered.


When looking to have a good time at a restaurant most people tend to look at what makes it different and worth trying. Is it that it offers fresh ingredients daily? Is it the cooking styles that makes its food unique or does it have a secret recipe that is worth trying? A good restaurant should at least have something that sets it apart from the rest. Find out what special thing you stand to enjoy from the restaurant and make sure that indeed you take the time to enjoy it to have a memorable time.

Types of buffets

The following types of buffets are generally found in some of the Best Buffet Restaurants and could be selected according to the requirements of the customer.

  • Cafeteria style: In this type of buffet, customers are required to select plates of food according to their choice while waiting in a queue. The cafeteria-style buffet is less frequently practised in restaurants.
  • All You Can Eat: The name says it all! These buffet styles are considered as the most beneficial investments on behalf of the customers as they would have to pay a single price for serving themselves with a wide assortment of delicacies. However, it is interesting to note that the popularity of All You Can Eat buffets is waning due to the increasing threats of obesity.
  • Healthy Buffets: These concepts are followed by restaurants that provide soups, fresh produce and salad bars in their menus and promote healthy eating habits. However, these could not be considered as one of the Best Buffet Restaurants owing to the criticisms on the basis of the higher calorie content of specific menu items.
  • Catered buffets: The catered buffets approach is followed by restaurants which specialize in business meetings, special occasions, and weddings as well as holiday parties and also involve facilities of off-site catered buffets in certain cases.

Pros and Cons of restaurant buffets

While it is explicitly observed that the Best Buffet Restaurants have changed the way people looked at dining alongside reforming the traditional approaches followed in the restaurant business, it is also important to focus on the positive as well as negative sides to buffet restaurants.

  • Restaurants could leverage the benefit of minimal workforce required for conducting buffets. Furthermore, a lot of customers could be served at once thereby implying the promising opportunities for higher income.
  • Buffets serve as promotional tactics and can be used to lure in customers who would not have dined at a restaurant otherwise due to budget concerns.
  • The pricing of the buffet menu in the Best Buffet Restaurants is tailored to provide opportunities to customers for enjoying diverse cuisines and delicacies without making a dent in their budgets.
  • On the contrary, restaurants also face limitations especially in terms of profit margins as buffets generally cost less than the conventional sit-down dinner.

Think about a general family trip to a chain restaurant. You, your spouse, and the kids file into a booth, and start the process of ordering. If you and your spouse decide to have a cold beer, you have limited options but having a brew isn’t off the table. Everyone orders their food, there might be some crayons & coloring activities for the kids, you pack up leftovers, and you head home. You see this type of family outing everyday. So, what’s so “out there” about taking the kids with you to a brewery?

It may just be your perspective about what a brewery actually is. The modern brewery is not like the industrial-looking complexes that we’ve come to expect from the big beer companies. In those environments, the idea of children being around would be inconceivable. Nowadays, breweries are also hubs for the general public to gather for well-made, award-winning beer, as well as tremendous food options. In many respects, you could say that the modern brewery understands that as a business, being able to appeal to a larger audience makes the most sense, and families looking for a place to go out for the night is a segment of the population that is important to please.

So, the question, yet again, is all about finding breweries near me that I can take my family to for a nice family night out. Truth be told, it’s actually very easy. Here are a few tips:

  • Look for Breweries That Offer Food Options for All Ages – Do some research online & you’ll notice that modern breweries are now very avant garde in their design and aim to be more like restaurants.
  • See What Types of Activities There Are for Kids – While checking out their menus, you can also see what types of activities they have listed for younger patrons. Appealing to moms and dads is certainly “in”.
  • Ask Other Families for Advice – Whether it’s during play dates, drop-off at daycare, or even at PTA meetings, you know other parents who might have some insight as to places to check out that work for Mom, Dad, and the kiddos.

Strip, located at 245 18th Street in Atlantic Station, is one of Atlanta’s hottest places to dine. Their specialties are steaks, seafood, and sushi. The multilevel restaurant has bars and patios on each level with an open rooftop deck on level 3. In addition to steaks and seafood, the menu also features burgers and sandwiches. The sushi menu is extensive. There are $10 lunch specials Monday-Friday. An in-house DJ provides music nightly.

Meehan’s Public House is also in Atlantic Station. This is an authentic Irish pub serving classic pub food. The menu includes fish and chips, Irish bangers and mash, meatloaf, and shepherd’s pie. Sandwiches include Meehan’s burger and corned beef Reuben. Enjoy a cold pint on their patio.

Shout is located in the heart of midtown at 1197 Peachtree Street NE, in Colony Square. The menu features flavors from around the world including pizzas, steaks, seafood, ribs, and sandwiches. There is an extensive sushi menu. They offer a $10 all you can eat sushi lunch special Monday-Friday. The rooftop bar is a great place to enjoy the city. A live DJ plays music on Friday and Saturday nights.

Tin Lizzy’s, at 1136 Crescent Avenue, serves Southwestern cuisine. The menu includes nachos, salads, quesadillas, tacos, and build-your-own skillet meals. They feature lots of flavored and specialty margaritas.

Patrons at Veni Vidi Vici, located at 41 14th Street NW, will enjoy hearty portions of authentic Italian cuisine. The menu features small antipasti plates, a variety of pasta dishes, lasagna, and entrée specialties like veal parmigiana and rotisserie meats. Another specialty is zuppa di mare, a selection of seafood and shellfish in a tomato lobster broth. They have an extensive wine list. The restaurant received Atlanta Magazine‘s “Best of the City” award in 2012.

The Park Tavern is located in a 1905 stone building at the southeast corner of Piedmont Park. The address is 500 10th Street NE. The menu features salads and sandwiches, and boasts the best burgers in midtown. Beverages include cocktails, wine, and handcrafted beers. The restaurant affords a great view of the park and the midtown skyline.

The Vortex Bar & Grill is another midtown eatery that has been honored with numerous “Best Burger” awards for their ½ pound sirloin burger. This edgy place with a non-conformist atmosphere has had a loyal clientele for more than 20 years. Patrons must be 18 years or older and smoking is allowed.

Mary Mac’s Tea Room, at 224 Ponce de Leon, has been an Atlanta institution for more than 60 years. The entrees are traditional Southern fare served with two sides. Favorites include fried chicken, roast pork, roast turkey with dressing, and chicken and dumplings. Sides include collard greens, fried green tomatoes, tomato pie, and black-eyed peas. Featured homemade desserts are banana pudding, peach cobbler, and pecan pie. Mary Mac’s is open for lunch and dinner.

One of the greatest benefits of these New Jersey restaurants is that they offer a variety of cuisines such as seafood, Thai, European, Italian, French, Latin American and Japanese. This gives residents a very comprehensive choice filled with variety of which cuisines they would like to try out. Also, these restaurants have some of the best chefs in the business that prepare their dishes to perfection. Plus, the service and ambiance is marvelous, thus making you feel at ease while you enjoy these mouth-watering dishes in extravagance.

One of the fanciest restaurants in NJ is the Chez Catherine. Located in Westfield, next to the Westfield Inn, this restaurant offers the best of French Cuisine. From the moment you enter, there is a welcoming feeling of satisfaction till the moment you leave the restaurant. Everything about the restaurant is simply impeccable; from the service to the wine and to the dishes. Furthermore, the meals are offered at reasonable prices. Thus, this gives residents a perfect opportunity to sample various French dishes that will revitalize their taste buds and awaken their senses in an experience that is simply unforgettable.

Next, there is Marcello’s Ristorante & Fine Catering whose décor resembles renaissance architecture. The fine fabrics, chandeliers and artificial paintings give the restaurant its own unique identity and create a romantic setting, therefore making the restaurant suitable for a romantic evening with a significant other. This quality is what makes it one of the fanciest restaurants in NJ. Located at 8 Wilsey Square, Ridgewood, the restaurant’s menu offers dishes that are a splendid combination of vegetables, starch and seafood varieties, thereby guaranteeing a balanced meal necessary for good health. Also, the restaurant offers gift certificate purchases for those that would like to dine like aristocrats in this classical set up.

Avenue, located in 23 Ocean Avenue, Long Branch, is another of the fanciest restaurants in NJ. With a setting that is reflective of a scene from classic French cinema, the restaurant offers customers a choice of either dining outdoors or indoors where customers can dine against a backdrop of high ceilings, French windows and comfortable lighting that is reminiscent of a movie scene. The meals, which consist of seafood’s such as king salmon with tomato-saffron emulsion and carrot-ginger mousse, will leave you completely refreshed.

There are other fancy restaurants located in New Jersey that offer customers the best dishes prepared by experienced chefs whose purpose is to please the customers. Dining in these restaurants is a wonderful opportunity that all city residents should try out. Customers will leave with satisfied smiles after dining like royalty in these elegant and distinguished restaurants offering a one of a kind charming eating experience.

Whilst I was living in Hamilton and working in Hexham, I used to Duck off for lunch at the Italian restaurant on Beaumont St. The Northern Star Cafe is easy to find. It is next to the Northern Star hotel but has no association to the hotel. Parking can be a bit difficult. Best to park around the corner and walk up to the restaurant.The lighting inside is indirect and gives the unique Mediterranean ambiance.

The Northern Star is a Cafe-style Italian cuisine restaurant. They have ethnic style dishes, mostly originating from the Mediterranean coastline. They have a great variety of salad or vegetable-based dishes. My favorite is Caesar salad. My wife always takes the salad combination with fruit and King prawns. The fruit that comes with the salad varies, such as grapes, avocado, or pears. My favorite appetizer is Prawns cooked in Chilli with special sauces and herbs. My wife’s selection is always the Grilled Chicken Ceaser Salad. They serve fabulous Pastas. Their variations of fish and meat are excellent, including Chicken, veal and steak.

We like the restaurant’s selections for the lunch and dinner menus. However, there is one thing that this restaurant has that no other one does. It is the personalised service from Jill and the great Home made recipes from Juliano Bettoli. All the staff are polite and know the wines and the meals on the menu. The decor is genuine Italian cafe style. The feel is great for all occasion. Since the restaurant is close to the centre of Newcastle, customers can also enjoy the Meals before catching a show or movie

A selection of tasty starters has been carefully chosen by the kitchen team to get your taste buds tingling. Choose from deep-fried breaded Scottish mushrooms, chicken wings of fire or tangy goat cheese croquettes flavoured with rosemary and thyme. As with other British restaurants in Derby there are several cuts of beef available and each one will be cooked to your preference. Filet, rump, sirloin, rib eye and T-bone all steaks come with chips, jacket potato or potato gratin as well as peas and salad. From an 8oz filet to a 32oz rump there is a steak to appease even the most ferocious of appetites. For anyone feeling adventurous a hugely popular choice is the house specialty ‘black pepper sizzling platter’ which is steak served on a cast iron in a fragrant, spicy black pepper sauce. For an additional supplement, scampi, flash fried prawns or a choice of cheeses can also be added.

Vegetarians needn’t feel left out as the menu has a wide range of dishes to suit the meat-free lifestyle. Choices include Mediterranean vegetable lasagna, spinach and red pepper lasagna and a broccoli and cream cheese bake. Other options for those not wanting traditional ‘steak and chips’ include Cajun butterfly chicken breast, giant battered haddock and a rich, creamy moussaka with minced lamb, fresh aubergine and béchamel topping. The availability of these dishes can change so do check with your server before ordering.

Lunch is a meal that often gets rushed, but at Friars Bar and Steakhouse Restaurant guests are invited to take their time and enjoy a leisurely meal. All day breakfasts are available with diners essentially able to build their own by choosing individual ingredients such as black pudding, fried bread, steak, and hash browns. Like many restaurants in Derby that offer relaxing lunchtime treats there is a wide variety of comfortable jacket potatoes on offer with tempting fillings like coleslaw, beans and chilli con-carne. Sandwiches, steak wraps and light fluffy chips served with a choice of cheese, fish fingers, stew or omelettes and peas there is something for everyone to enjoy a this popular family-run restaurant.