Places to Eat in Greensboro

Natty Greene’s

For those of you that like a good beer every once in a while, Natty Greene’s is the place to go. This local brewery offers beer, food, and fun. Greene’s is right in the heart of Downtown Greensboro and the atmosphere is delightful. Not the typical downtown ‘dive bar’, Natty Greene’s is a great place to stop on a Friday night.

Kabuto – Japanese Steakhouse

Of course there has to be a Japanese steakhouse on the list! This hibachi style restaurant offers a full sushi bar as well as a dining room and “teppanyaki” tables to enjoy the show watching your food cooked right before your eyes. The service is excellent, but early arrival is a must if you don’t make a reservation. The fun and excitement keep people laughing and talking for hours! Don’t miss out on this gem.

Romo’s Pizza

Running home from work, picking up the kids, and realizing you forgot to set out dinner or prepare anything at all can be a nightmare. Good news is, if live in the south Greensboro area or drive around south Greensboro, you can order Romo’s. I may have a biased opinion because when I first moved here, this place was the first local restaurant/pizza delivery that I ordered, and ever since this is the only pizza delivery I order. The delivery guys are super nice, and always quick on delivery.

Guide About Bars

Country Bars

These were old English countryside pubs that served ale with a brief menu. The contemporary forms have diversified the menu vastly, and serve a variety of liquor-based and non-alcoholic drinks. However, most of these have preserved the ambience, with classic wood furniture, light and jovial country music. These often feature live performances and an environment that is suitable to engage in conversations. They are apt for an after-work get-together with friends, where you can sit and chit-chat. The way you dress up should be casual and stylish. A quick party can be planned at these.

Night Clubs

These are the all-time favorites of most people amongst bars. As the name suggests, these are apt for late night parties. The ambience is that of dim lights, dance floors and a professional DJ to get you on the groove. The menu usually enlists a variety of cocktails and mocktails with starters and snacks in the offer. A low-lit interior with neon light bar stools and adept bar tenders are typical of such places. You would want to look your best while going into one of these, so consider putting on your best clothes and visiting a beauty salon to help you groom as you look forward to enjoy the evening. Since the nightclubs are housed within malls, there are various salons and parlors under the same roof to give you a touchup.

Sports Bar

These are specially designed to become ‘the guy thing’ in town. With rustic interiors, classic wood décor and huge plasma screens, these offer the perfect ambience for cool dudes to hang out with their friends. Here you can enjoy your favorite game along with your gang with chilled beer. The big screen experience of viewing your favorite sports and to hang out with friends has made these popular amongst men. You can dress up the way you want to as you are amidst your friends or colleagues. The menu is loaded with fun starters and munchies, along with some filling dishes as well. The variety of beverage is more on the non-alcoholic side with an exception of beer as people go there to enjoy and not to get drunk.

Restaurants in Cyber Hub Gurgaon

  • Indigo Delicatessen
    Savour some delectable European fare at Indigo Delicatessen, presented in a casual deli-like setting. The food is authentic and refreshingly honest. Try, BBQ pork ribs and Rueben sandwich.
    Cost for two: Rs. 1700
    Location: DLF Cyber Hub, Gurgaon
  • Hard Rock Café
    Godfather of gastro-pubs in India, Hard Rock Café brings together two grand loves, American food and music. Go for, the legendary 10 oz burger. Their live gigs are renowned.
    Cost for two: Rs. 2000
    Location: Cyber Hub, Phase 2, Gurgaon
  • Made In Punjab
    Part of chef Jiggs Kalra’s collection, Made In Punjab is one of the finest North Indian restaurants in the city. Interiors are posh and classy. Their butter chicken is worth tasting.
    Cost for two: Rs. 1500
    Location: Cyber Hub, Gurgaon
    Get your noodle fix at this relaxed modern Chinese eatery. TWIST is known for its Pan Asian spread served in contemporary dark surroundings. Dragon rolls and truffle edamame are sublime.
    Cost for two: Rs. 1400
    Location: 17-18, Cyber Hub, Gurgaon
  • Circus
    The fun playful décor based on circus theme steals your heart the moment you step across Circus threshold. Throw back some lip-smacking cocktails to go with their mind-blowing multi-cuisine menu.
    Cost for two: Rs. 1500
    Location: Cyber Hub, Gurgaon

Indian Vegetarian Restaurants in Ontario

No matter if you seek Indian, Italian, Chinese, Continental or its native signature dishes such as Pasta, Beavertails etc. But if you like to tease your taste-buds more often, then Indian food must have been on the top of your list.

Entire Indian cuisine is full of spicy and delightful dishes, ever ready to make you crave for more. But we tend to believe no matter how many restaurants are there around the corner, the particular taste belongs to its origin only.

What if I say That’s not the case here! Being a foodie, I always keep looking for something new and I have been at a place called “The Rajdhani Sweets and Restaurant” which would tame your tongue with their entire range of marvelous Indian dishes.

The menu ranges from Sweets viz. Kaju roll, Kalakand, Pinni, Cham Cham etc (P.S. I am mouthwatering at the moment) and traditional dishes such as Kachori Chana, Aloo Tikki, Samosa, Biryani etc. The most loved items are Dal Makhani, Paneer Masala, Chaat Papri, Saag, and Roti. The ambiance of the place and heart-welcoming treatment makes you fall more in the place.

Veggies are die hard fans of cheese or paneer! If you ask them their favorite fritter then I bet paneer pakora will top the list. Dipped in the batter of gram flour and served with tamarind chutney or coriander mint as per your taste! The way it dissolves in the mouth makes you crave for more!

Either sliced or filled in bitter gourds are one of most beloved dishes in the world. They can tame every taste bud with their spices and onion garnishing. The unique taste makes it stand out of the main course and make people try it once and follow it for the rest of life.

You just can’t leave the place until your tummy is full up to its top and you need two men to drop you at home. LOL! I bet you won’t be able to skip this place anymore.