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Chocolate Fountains

Chocolate Fountains


Wedding receptions, corporate parties, and house warming parties are some of the grownups parties wherein chocolate fountains can also oftentimes be found. In fact, these devices can be included in almost any special event or large social gathering that involves eating. It could be a minimalist cocktail party among friends or a large and elaborate event such as a golden anniversary celebration. It is not surprising why many restaurants, hotels and caterers have these fountains.

Chocolate fountains serve the dual purposes of enhancing the party’s aesthetic appeal and providing exciting means to appreciate desserts. A buffet or banquet table becomes a lot more attractive by including dessert fondue fountains. These devices are not only decorative but also functional. Actually, the device cannot serve as a decorative item if its mechanisms are not functioning. The flow of the chocolate liquid will not be possible if the mechanical and electrical parts are not functioning.

How it works

The most common standard design has a screw auger or screw conveyor that is powered by an electric motor. This screw auger is contained within a tube that extends from the bottom basin of the fountain to the topmost tier.

The rotational motion of the screw conveyor allows the fluid to be carried to the top. As the chocolate fluid overflows from one topmost tier, gravity takes over. A cascade of overflows is sustained in this manner. It is only when the volume of chocolate is significantly diminished that the reservoir is refilled.

A relatively constant heat is maintained to prevent the liquid from solidifying, especially if the room is air conditioned. The reservoir has a heater that regulates the temperature of the chocolate liquid. This liquid state can also be largely attributed to the type of chocolate used in the fondue mixture. Chocolate mixtures that have high cocoa butter content flow more smoothly.

The caterers

Food caterers are the ones who popularized the use of dessert fondue fountains. They are the ones who commonly used these devices in almost any occasion either as part of the package or something that is requested by the clients. Most caterers have the industrial type models of the device, which are larger and heavy duty.

A catering event seems incomplete without using the aforementioned fountains. Some non-catering businesses focus on the rental of the devices and other party-related needs. Start up catering businesses may occasionally rent choco fountains instead of purchasing brand new ones to minimize capital expenses.