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Coco Cafe Coffee Shop At Boracay

Coco Cafe Coffee Shop At Boracay

  • Serves Great Food: As I said, this is far more than just a cafe. So even if you are not a coffee lover but are hungry anyway and want a fill, then the Coco Cafe Coffee Shop is a great place to drop by! Their pizza is extremely tasty although a tad too expensive given the average price range of food items around Boracay. Their coconut coffee is something that you must not miss at all at any cost; the one negative thing of the coffee is that it is low on cream content, which was not a major issue for me, by the way. One decent food I can recommend for you is their cream smoothie; their cookies and cakes are also quite delicious.
  • Serves Real Drinks: Food and coffee are not the only stuff you can get here; like any reputable bar of Boracay you can get plenty of awesome drinks here too. I am not a booze lover myself but speaking of drinks, I loved their milk: it was so fresh and yummy! Later on I learned its name too: they call it ‘coco milk’! If you are in a party mode then drop by there on Friday, Thursday and Saturday when the joint rocks with hot girls! I found it rather weird that all the bartenders there were well-built with toned physique; one looked like as though he was a former boxing champion; he showed us his well toned biceps rather proudly!
  • Friendly And Helpful Staff: Like the hotels, restaurants and bars of the rest of the Boracay, you would find friendly and helpful staff here too. I wish I could take some of the staff from here back into my country and get them employed into my own business. They really know how to treat customers and make them feel at home well. No matter how crazy your order and timing is, the staff is always there to serve you with a smile.
  • Great Location: If you want to take a good look at the White beach while sipping your coffee then the Coco Cafe Coffee Shop would be an ideal location for you. This cafe enjoys proximity to the beach; no wonder it has so many footfalls

Overall, if you want to go someplace for a little coffee, gorge on some hot and tasty food, indulge in a little fun and party, all the while enjoying the cool breeze of the ocean nearby, then this is one place you simply cannot skip visiting!