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Colorado Produce

Colorado Produce

The great Western Slope is where the most produce comes from. You have your famous Palisade peaches, Olathe sweet corn, and Grand Junction tomatoes. The peaches are so big and sweet compared to a California peach, it’s a night and day difference! Why are they so much better? Farmers swear its the hot dry sunny days and the cool crisp night’s combined with the soil and water from the snow pack of the Rockies. The weather can be very dangerous to the produce in spring. Mainly cherries and apricots because they start to bloom when the weather can still freeze. If the temp hits 27 degrees or below say goodbye to your Colorado cherries and apricots. There is also some great wineries on the western slope. I have yet to try the Palisade peach wine but I hear it is amazing. Colorado’s wine industry, contributed more than $40 million to the state’s economy during the 2012 growing season, according to a new study conducted by Colorado State University.

The plains of Colorado can grow some amazing fruits and veggies also. Ranging from all kinds of lettuce to the famous Rocky Ford melons. Certain areas of the state produces better fruit and veggies depending on what and where it is. Rocky Ford melons prove this because the town is in the southwestern part of the state, which is on the plains.

Some folks will only eat Brighton’s famous peaches and cream corn and some will only eat Olathe’s sweet corn. Both are grown in two separate parts of the state. I guess it’s what you grew up eating or started eating first, cause both are great. The peaches and cream kernels are crisp compared to Olathe’s corn which is a softer kernel.