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Delicious Exotic Fruits

Delicious Exotic Fruits


Sapote is a soft and delicious fruit which grows on the Sapote tree which is native to Mexico and Central America. It is typically brown and oval shaped when it is ripe and ready to eat. It is quite difficult to describe the taste of the sapote fruit as it can often incorporate a number of flavours. Some people would say that it has a soft and creamy texture which has hints of custard, peach, pear, lemon and banana!

Fuji Fruit

Fuji fruit, also known as permissions, are a type of fruit which comes from a species of tree in the Genus Diospyros. When the fruit is ripe it will be yellow-orange to dark red-orange in colour, and it is typically formed in a spherical or pumpkin shape. Fuji fruits are actually classes as berries. The skin of the fruit should be removed prior to eating it. The taste can be described as a mix between mangoes and apricots. It can be eaten raw, dried or even cooked in meals.


A rambutan is a tropical fruit which is native to Indonesia and Malaysia. The outer shell has a reddish pink colour which is covered in a number of soft spines. The outer shell has to be removed in order to get to the translucent fleshy skin inside. The taste and jelly like texture of the rambutan is similar to that of a lychee.


You may have heard of the pawpaw from Disney’s classic film, The Jungle Book. It is a sweet fruit which is native to many parts of the United States, and it is also the largest indigenous fruit in the United States. It looks similar to a mango fruit, but in the inside it has pale yellow flesh. The flesh features a number of seeds which are easy to remove. Pawpaw is described as tasting like banana with a slight custard taste to it too. Pawpaws are most commonly eaten raw, or they can be freeze dried or dehydrated so that they can last a longer time.