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Eating Places In Singapore

Eating Places In Singapore

Newton Circle, Geylang and Lau Pa Sat are some places well-known for their lip-smacking delicacies, but you can always go beyond these. If you travel into the heartland of the local residential areas, you are sure to chance upon a little haven that serves great food. One of these areas would be Kovan. It used to be a part of Hougang. Today, it is regarded as a food haven by many.

The region of Kovan borders the Upper Serangoon Road. It is quiet during the day and on weekdays, but comes alive on weekends, particularly at night, as people come to look for late-night treats. There are many family-run businesses here along with a number of small cafés and restaurants. At these cafés and restaurants, one can get a taste of Western cuisine and a variety of desserts.

Kovan Hougang Food Centre is a must-visit for any tourist touring the country for the first time. Such places are also called hawker centers. This place is filled with Singapore’s local flavor. Here you will also find food that most Singaporeans grew up eating. Speaking about meal rates, the food is good and cheap. Teochew Porridge and the Nasi Lemak are the specialties of this place. There is another hawker center that sees long queues for its Fish-ball noodles and Charkway Teow.

While these food joints are deeply rooted in their Singaporean flavors, the non-local Nakhon is the real crowd puller in this area. It is located at a short distance from Hougang Bus Interchange or Kovan MRT. It serves Thai cuisine which is a hot favorite with most Singaporeans. Being very popular in the area people visiting are prepared to wait in a queue for long periods to have dinner there. So, if you want to dine there, you will have to go early to get yourself a table before the crowd starts coming in. The biggest drawback of this restaurant is that it does not offer customers the privilege of advance reservations.

In recent years, the Kovan Hougang Food Center and all the eateries in the surrounding areas are also enjoying better business as more and more residential developments are being built in addition to the large number of tourists that flock to the center to get a taste of the cities local flavors.