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Elegant Dining In Marylebone

Elegant Dining In Marylebone

The Winter Garden is one of the most-unique Marylebone restaurants because it is located within the atrium of the Landmark Hotel. The restaurant has even won awards for their afternoon tea service and dinner. For anyone that wants to dine in a luxurious hotel, and an award-winning restaurant, then the staffs are ready and waiting.

Here is more information on dining in style at the Winter Garden Restaurant:

  • Breakfast: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and the Winter Garden understands just how necessary breakfast is. To make sure their guests start their day off right, the menu for breakfast has a variety of tasty and nutritious things to eat like freshly baked pastry, and other items that make up a traditional English breakfast. If a person prefers an omelette made with fresh eggs, a chef will prepare it right at their table.
  • Lunch: When lunchtime comes around, a person can sit down to authentic British cuisine or something with more flair like Mediterranean or Middle Eastern cuisine, there are many delicious meals to choose from for that mid-day meal. To make lunch even more pleasurable, there are private booths were two people can sit, and their privacy is guaranteed.
  • Afternoon tea: The Winter Garden has won many awards for its afternoon tea. Many Marylebone restaurants have won awards for their afternoon tea, and the Winter Garden is by far the most luxurious. Featuring scones, French pastries, fresh coffee, and fresh tea, brings back to the traditional English tea. There is also the option to have drink champagne instead of tea, and there is also a variety of seasonal tea that comes out every autumn.
  • Dinner: Dinner at the Winter Garden is a magical experience, especially when someone chooses to have dinner as the sun is going down, and the night is starting to settle in. Imagine being able to eat dinner with a view of the stars right above? There is a lot of delicious entree to choose from, and with the ambience and friendly staff, it will be a meal that will never be forgotten.

The Landmark Hotel is a five-star hotel that is famous for its luxury. The most famous part of the hotel is its eight-story glass atrium that is located right in the middle of the hotel. The Winter Garden is one of the many award-winning Marylebone restaurants, and it has been awarded many times for its afternoon tea. Anyone that wants a luxurious meal, in a beautiful setting, should head for the inside the Landmark Hotel.