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Food Ideas for Halloween

Food Ideas for Halloween

Eyeball Pops

What’s a Halloween without any candy, right? That is why eyeball pops are perfect for your party and they can also add in as decorative pieces. All you have to do is get chilled cake balls and dip them into a melted candy coating. After that, place a green candy coating wafer in the front. To make the balls resemble more like eyeballs, get some edible ink pens in red and black, and white miniature confetti sprinkles. With the black pen, draw a black circle in the green candy coating, big enough to paste a piece of white confetti sprinkle to resemble the iris.

Finger Sandwiches

These sandwiches will make sure that your party has enough creepiness to make it really feel like Halloween. Plus, it’s healthy and very easy to make. All you need are white bread, soft margarine, peanut butter, almonds, and jam. Flattened out the bread with a rolling pin and apply a little margarine and peanut butter. After that, roll up the bread and make three lines with a blunt knife to resemble finger joints. Shape the bread like a finger, almonds as nails, and add jam on the other end of the fingers.

Freaky Veggies and Dip

For the health conscious people, a freaky veggies and dip will be a great option. All you need is a dip of your choice and an assorted spread of vegetables, including carrots, green beans, cherry tomatoes, and olives. The point of this item is to use a little bit of creativity. On the carrots, spread some dip to make it look like nails. Make two dots with ketchup on the beans to make them look like snakes. Lastly, slice cherry tomatoes into two and top the flat side with a sliced olive and pea to make them look like eyes.


Another very easy recipe is ice-cream decorated to look like eyeballs. Take a dollop of vanilla ice-cream on a wax-paper and freeze it. After freezing it for about 20 minutes, drizzle strawberry syrup on each ball to create a bloodshot effect. Finish off the ice cream with a piece of M&M to make it look like the pupil.