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Food Supply

Food Supply

You can use the silica gel pack in combination with some food and supplies already on hand items that you may have. Let’s say you don’t have enough cash to go out and buy
the zip-lock mylar bags take a look and see if any of the food and supplies you bought from the grocery store uses mylar zip-lock bags, wash and clean them really well and air dry before next use in the food supply.

let’s say for example I want to store some Swiss miss coco, the food supply is already in its own tin foil packaging but it’s not as good as I would like to have it so I am putting it into the other mylar bag and popping in some of those silica gel packet that will help reduce the moisture greatly extend the life of the food supply.

(Remember – silica gel pack is not the same thing as a oxygen absorber oxygen absorber remove oxygen – silica gel pack removes moisture.)

Number two – take a look in your emergency plan prepper garden and if you have one take a look in your local community garden to see what is growing out there. I happen to grow a rosemary bush as well as used for cooking so what I do is I dry the rosemary I use a dehydrator but you can actually sun-dried or just cure dry them, I took off all the little rosemary’s leaves now all I have is the stems these are still extremely fragrant with rosemary essential oils and I can place these inside my prepping root cellar near the baseboards or in your cupboard to repel insects.

Number three – See what other people are throwing away and see if you can use them in your no or low cost emergency plan. I seen my neighbors down the street were throwing away a kitchen cedar chest. I snatched that bad boy up it is perfect for emergency survival the food supply.