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Friars Bar and Steakhouse in Derby

Friars Bar and Steakhouse in Derby

A selection of tasty starters has been carefully chosen by the kitchen team to get your taste buds tingling. Choose from deep-fried breaded Scottish mushrooms, chicken wings of fire or tangy goat cheese croquettes flavoured with rosemary and thyme. As with other British restaurants in Derby there are several cuts of beef available and each one will be cooked to your preference. Filet, rump, sirloin, rib eye and T-bone all steaks come with chips, jacket potato or potato gratin as well as peas and salad. From an 8oz filet to a 32oz rump there is a steak to appease even the most ferocious of appetites. For anyone feeling adventurous a hugely popular choice is the house specialty ‘black pepper sizzling platter’ which is steak served on a cast iron in a fragrant, spicy black pepper sauce. For an additional supplement, scampi, flash fried prawns or a choice of cheeses can also be added.

Vegetarians needn’t feel left out as the menu has a wide range of dishes to suit the meat-free lifestyle. Choices include Mediterranean vegetable lasagna, spinach and red pepper lasagna and a broccoli and cream cheese bake. Other options for those not wanting traditional ‘steak and chips’ include Cajun butterfly chicken breast, giant battered haddock and a rich, creamy moussaka with minced lamb, fresh aubergine and b├ęchamel topping. The availability of these dishes can change so do check with your server before ordering.

Lunch is a meal that often gets rushed, but at Friars Bar and Steakhouse Restaurant guests are invited to take their time and enjoy a leisurely meal. All day breakfasts are available with diners essentially able to build their own by choosing individual ingredients such as black pudding, fried bread, steak, and hash browns. Like many restaurants in Derby that offer relaxing lunchtime treats there is a wide variety of comfortable jacket potatoes on offer with tempting fillings like coleslaw, beans and chilli con-carne. Sandwiches, steak wraps and light fluffy chips served with a choice of cheese, fish fingers, stew or omelettes and peas there is something for everyone to enjoy a this popular family-run restaurant.