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Glazed and Confused

Glazed and Confused

Being a new enticing addition to the Eastern Suburbs café scene, The Cook and Baker are taking Sydney one tasty donut and chocolate cake at a time, and having the evidence to prove it with people lining up outside their shop on a Saturday morning. The Cook and Bakers’ aim is to create a variety of your childhood favourite treats with a modern organic touch.

So, where did the “donut” come from? The origin of this appetising treat is heavily disputed, as the concept of fried dough is not exactly exclusive to one culture or country. Yet, it is said that donuts originated in Holland, back in the 16th-century. Their donuts were cooked in oil and were so greasy that the Dutch called them “olykoeks”, or “oily cakes.” Since then, this circle of goodness has transformed into all sorts of wonders in every continent – even dropping the ‘ugh’ to make for easy spelling.

No matter where the donut was born, each country or even café has a different take on it. The Cook and Baker is one of these cafes, being renowned for recreating the center hole of the traditional donut, and filling it with delectable ingredients. Their selection claim to be the “best donuts in Sydney,” and each customer would definitely agree. Oozing sweet vanilla custard, encased in unique tasting dough, then topped with organic strawberry jam, their donuts are a one-of-a-kind delight.

As a snack that The Cook and Baker have obviously mastered, a donut seems to be a timeless favorite, however it is created. People have valued the mouth watering, sweet tasting masterpiece since the test of time. People all around the globe like it so much, there is now even a national donut day held on June the 1st in the respect of the delicious treat. This event was actually first held in 1938 as a fundraiser for the Salvation Army.