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Healthy Gluten-Free Breakfast

Healthy Gluten-Free Breakfast

One of the main problems that coeliac sufferers found when trying to have a healthy and balanced breakfast is that almost all the mainstream foods that are popular to eat at breakfast, such as cereals, muesli, porridge and bread can aggravate their condition. This, of course, is very off-putting, and some coeliac sufferers decide to avoid breakfast altogether because of this. However, this is a short term solution to a long-term problem, and many coeliac sufferers are unaware that there are many different brands that can help them finally have a decent breakfast without suffering for weeks afterwards.

Although it was once thought to be very uncommon, better tests and a better awareness of coeliac disease have made it much easier for sufferers to be diagnosed and to begin a diet that will help ease their symptoms and help them live with their condition. In fact, the disease has become so well known that all of the big supermarkets in the UK and beyond now stock gluten-free products, while some even have whole sections of their supermarkets designed for coeliac sufferers. Products, such as gluten-free porridge and gluten-free oats are extremely popular, and have made it so much easier for sufferers to choose a breakfast that won’t cause them any suffering.

For people that have to have a special diet, this is a major breakthrough, as it means they can quickly and easily access and then buy the right food for them and their condition. So now, someone with a gluten intolerance can choose something that anyone else would take for granted for breakfast, such as toast, or muesli. In fact, they can now choose anything that they want to eat for breakfast, because there’s so much choice out there.

So, why not head to your local supermarket, and locate the gluten-free section. This section is sometimes known as the ‘free from’ section, and it’ll also carry other items for other people with intolerances, such as those with a lactose intolerance. Have a look at the selection, and ask yourself if you could happily eat any of these products. You probably can, so pick a selection of things, from bread, to cereal to gluten-free oats and then take them home and experiment – you could come up with a winning breakfast combination.