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Hogs Vs Dogs

Hogs Vs Dogs

  • The Dogs
    Typically the Lagotto Romagnolo is the dog of choice when it comes to hunting Truffles as they are the easiest dog to train to pick up the scent of Truffles. They have an incredible nose so they can find Truffles quicker than many other breeds of dog. They are natural retrieving dog and don’t get distracted once they are on the trail of something, which is incredibly useful whilst hunting Truffles in woodland areas.
  • The Hogs
    Truffle Hogs aren’t used as much as Truffle Dogs nowadays but they are very good at finding Truffles. Unlike the Lagotto Romagnolo they don’t need to be trained to smell them out. It is a natural instinct for them to find Truffles I suppose you could say! The main issue with the Truffle Hog is that they have a tendency to eat the Truffles they find very quickly. This is one reason why they aren’t used much nowadays.
  • So which one is best?
    They both are very good at finding Truffles but the Dog must be better than the Hog. This is mainly because they are much easier to control in terms of finding the Truffle and not consuming it. They also can be used to find other things depending on how you train them. The Dog can also be kept in a house with other animals and children as they are great with other animals and people if they are kept around them for a while. The Lagotto Romagnolo is also a very loyal and obedient animal so it is perfect for the truffle hunters to keep at home.

The Hog is still useful but requires someone to be ahead of it so the Hog doesn’t devour the Truffles! The Hog doesn’t require training to find the Truffles but they are very hard to control so it is much easier to use a Truffle Dog. The Hog however has been banned in some areas such as a few regions in Italy due to the fact that they eat and destroy thousands of euros worth of Truffles! This is only in some areas but it does show that the Truffle Dogs are better to find Truffles with.