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Holiday With Good Food

Holiday With Good Food


Laugenbrezels (usually described as pretzels in the UK) are baked doughy breads, shaped into a loop with a hard crusty shell, they are usually savoury and covered in salt crystals and they seem to be making more of an appearance in Scotland. Up until recently the only place we knew where you were guaranteed to buy one was at Falko konditorei in Edinburgh and Gullane, but now we’ve spotted them in Lidl, which is starting to add bakery sections to it’s stores (something we spotted in some of their European stores a year or two ago) and Sainsbury’s, though they ones they stock aren’t true Laugenbrezels as they are missing the best bit – the extreme salty kick! Anyone who likes anchovies or salty chips/fries/nuts would be advised to try out a Laugenbrezel. We’ve found them on sale all over Germany though they are more popular in the south/Bavaria.


The quintessential German takeaway item, you will find it for sale in many a snackbar in Germany.

Kebabs and Turkish pizzas

Germany has a large Turkish population so Döner and Schawarma kebabs are very popular, in fact the best kebabs we’ve ever tasted have all been in Germany. Unlike back home although a Döner may be advertised (for the tourists?) it tends to be Schawarma on the menu so gone is the sweaty fatty lump of rotating meat on a spit that you find in many UK takeaways so a result the kebabs we’ve had in Germany tasted much healthier – leaner meat, more vegetables and fresher salads. You don’t need to feel guilty about eating a kebab in Germany! You’ll also come across places selling Türkische (Turkish) Pizza, which is a kebab on a flatbread rolled up and eaten on the go.


Marzipan makes my tongue dance with joy and thanks to Lidl I can keep my fix in check but in order to really appreciate good Marzipan a trip to Germany is essential.