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Ice Pops

With all the food colorings and preservatives that go into commercial ice creams and frozen snack foods, I do not feel comfortable offering them to my grandchildren. Especially if you have kids with allergies, you know how essential it is to stick to natural ingredients. And with all the processed fast food that kids consume nowadays, it only makes sense to try and introduce more healthy ingredients whenever we can. This is why self-made ice pops are the perfect treat. Even the pickiest eaters among my grandchildren will consume fruit in the form of ice pops. Sometimes I will even “hide” healthy fruits and vegetables in an ice pop, that my grand-kids would not consume otherwise. Avocados and beets, if blended with a banana, offer a very good color and tons of nutrients while the little ones cannot determine the “secret ingredient”, thanks to the sweet taste of bananas. The best aspect is that you can allow your kids to eat as many ice pops as they want, since they are actually good for them!

I have considered a couple types of ice pop makers and they all work, but my personal favorite ones are the ones that are BPA-free, because I do not like my grandchildren to come in contact with chemicals. I have found a great package that has six molds in fun colors and the kids are in love with them. They are also FDA-approved, so I feel comfortable using them. I have tried the 4-pack ice pop molds before, but they just disappeared way too quickly! The ones that I have now have a lid that closes tightly, which is great, because we had a few incidents of spilled juice in the freezer with other freeze pop molds before. It was sticky and messy and not pretty at all! Here are my favorite Silicone Ice Pop Molds.

There are a couple of recipes that my grandchildren love and they are so easy that I let them make them on their own (under my supervision). Here are some thoughts to get you started:

Frozen yogurt pops: Cut up fruit of your choice -we prefer strawberries and bananas- and mix them with the yogurt of your choice. It can be plain or with a fruit flavor. It can even be soy yogurt, if your kids are lactose intolerant! Now pour the yogurt in the ice pop maker and freeze.

Layered ice pops: you can use various colors of juices or even ingredients with different textures in order to make your freeze pops. Pour the first layer in the mold and freeze until it looks firm on the top. Then add the next layer and freeze again. Continue like this, so that the layers do not mix with one another. You can use whipped cream, chocolate chips, sprinkles etc to make your pops nicer looking!

As you can see, you can create many distinct combinations and be sure that your kids eat well, while you save money. What’s more to ask? Cleaning after the kids is also a snap because the ice pop molds I have can be easily cleaned with a bottle brush or in the dishwasher. I am absolutely in love with them!