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Indonesian Recipes Offer Great Variety

Indonesian Recipes Offer Great Variety

Rice is Indonesia’s staple food, so it’s not surprising that Indonesian recipes often contain a lot of rice. Additionally spices are very often used in Indonesian cuisines. One spice that is commonly used in Indonesia is chili pepper, which is also known as Cabai. This pepper is every hot and is used in many different foods. Another spice that is often used is ginger root seed, also called jahe, which is also a hot spice. It’s used in a drink made of ginger and sugar that they call wedang jahe. Kunyit is a spice that not only adds flavor, but also color to Indonesian recipes.

Cardamom is a spice that is often used in teas, but also has been used in delicious desserts in Indonesia. Cinnamon used in Indonesia is different than traditional cinnamon in texture, but it’s used for the same things. They use it in coffee and tea, as well as different desserts. In Maluku in Indonesia and Indonesian New Guinea they eat a lot of foods that contain yams, cassava, and flour. Indonesians tend to eat their meals a lot at once and in large variety. They also tend to eat very spicy food, as well. Indonesians tend to also share their tastes with other Southeast Asian countries. They eat a lot of galangal and pandan, which are both common in Thailand.

Indonesia recipes also contain a lot of soybeans. They use soy beans in tofu, soy bean cakes, and soy sauce, which are all food items that have come to the United States in one form or another. One food of the Indonesians, called Satay, has been seen in China. Indonesia also makes heavy use of curries as well.

Because of all the cultures that came together to make¬†Indonesian recipes, it’s not surprising that they have such a wide variety of food and tastes. In Indonesia, it is very common to see people selling food on carts in the street. When one sees one of these carts, it’s called kaki lima, and many people buy food from these vendors. Vendors tend to sell a variety of different foods from their carts, including noodles, rice, and drinks. Each vendor only serves one item, but there are a variety of different vendors to be found. An interesting fact about the manner of eating in Indonesia is that they only eat with their right hands. Indonesian recipes are delicious, and should be tried by all.