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Keep Vegetables Fresh

Keep Vegetables Fresh

Plan Your Weekly Grocery Shop

Before you start your grocery shop, firstly plan the meals you intend to cook for the forthcoming week. This means you should only buy what you need and not be tempted to buy everything you see on the supermarket shelves.

Don’t buy based on cheap prices, because if you have no where to store them, whether that’s your fridge or a store cupboard the chances are they will go to waste.

The majority of fresh vegetables can usually be stored from 2 to 3 days, with the exception of root vegetables which can be anything from one week to several weeks depending where and how they are kept.

Storing Incompatible Foods

The title of this particular tip may sound a bit strange to some, but storing fruit and vegetables together can be problem because they are incompatible with each.

Both fruit and vegetables give off a gas called Ethylene after they are picked. This particular gas is harmless, tasteless and odourless. Storing these two together in a confined space will speed up the ripening of the more sensitive vegetable.

A plus point though if you need a vegetable to ripen early, just store it with some fruit and it will quicken the process. Otherwise make sure that they are separated whether it’s in a fridge or store cupboard.

Understanding Your Fridge

Storing vegetables in the fridge will ensure that they keep fresh and last longer because the cold environment will slow down the decaying process.

A word of caution here though, there are some exceptions to this, especially potatoes, they will quickly darken and their starch content turns to sugar resulting in a unpleasant taste when cooked. Depending who you believe onions are another root vegetable which is best left out of the fridge, although the opinion is divided among many people. It’s probably true to say they may last a little longer in the fridge but unless they are used in a very short space of time, they will lose their crispness and go soft.

When storing your vegetables in the fridge the best place for them is in the crisper drawer where there is high humidity. Most fridges will have either a fresh drawer or a crisper drawer. There is a slight difference between them and can be somewhat confusing, and if you’re not careful it can lead to your food being wasted because it hasn’t been properly stored.

A fresh drawer is primarily used to store food at a low temperature without actually freezing them, whereas a crisper drawer will help those foods with a high moisture content keep fresh for longer.