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Low Sodium Cooking

Low Sodium Cooking

First the most obvious way to cut down on sodium use is by not using salt, but our perception is that foods that aren’t salty taste bland. We can spice things up with spices. There are many manufacturers of spices who package spices with no sodium added. They come in an assortment of flavorings like Barbecue, Chipotle, or Lemon Pepper. You want to find yourself using natural occurring herbs like thyme, paprika, cumin, or sage for more bodied full flavors. These herbs have bolder flavors, that when added to the right foods can really bring out natural flavors.

The second is to use other foods to enhance low sodium recipes. The most common food combination which comes to mind is pork and apple, or steak and baked potato. These meals are American cuisine at its finest. The sweeter apple really brings out the own natural saltiness of the pork. Pork chops combined with some sliced apples and cinnamon or apple sauce is a very tasty meal that is low in natural occurring sodium. How about the steak and baked potato? Some might argue the potato will taste bland without salt, but if we use the right seasonings or sodium free marinades, you can have a really tasty combination which is a suitable meal for any.

And finally, the most common use of salt is to preserve our food. It is no mystery that salt will prolong the shelf life of food. However you shouldn’t focus on the shelf life of the food but rather on the shelf life of health. One’s health can be harshly impacted by the use of salt. It would be in one’s best interest to limit salt, as salt is a precursor to high blood pressure. Overall if salt is consumed in moderation we don’t see a real impact on one’s health.