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Malabar Peppercorn

Malabar Peppercorn

Pepper in itself has been found in abundance in India, reason enough for the British colonies of the early years to have established their foothold in the subcontinent with the East India Company. Of course, pepper and its business, along with the associated spices, has come a long way ever since, what with there being numerous brands and kinds of pepper that have come to flood the market. From the uniquely tingling Szechuan peppercorn to the milder variety of Lampong black peppercorn from Indonesia with its unique fragrance, and Madagascar peppercorns that are good for meat, and the ones that differ in terms of the way they are processed before they get to the market, as in the case of the ones that are air-dried, freeze-dried, or marinated in brine, there is no dearth of quality peppercorns.

However, despite the years of their having been traded in business, and despite the numerous brands and innumerable varieties of peppercorns, Malabar peppercorns have still managed to maintain their leadership on the rest of the species. Some of the characteristic features of Malabar peppercorns include their pungent aroma and their rich fragrance with mixed traces of cedar and the berries.

But the richness and freshness associated with Malabar peppercorn is what this variety is the most widely noted for. In terms of size, this variety of peppercorn is neither too big to handle, nor so small that you could miss it. And in line with its medium size, Malabar peppercorn also tends to be widely used, what with its versatility coming into force in its use on a wide range of cuisine. If you are a fan of some of the more strongly flavoured dishes that relish your palates, or if you would want your guests to store the memories of some of the freshest spices ever, you would not want to give Malabar peppercorn a miss.