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Need to Know About High Teas

Need to Know About High Teas

  • Fruits: There is no doubt the people everywhere love fruits not only for health reasons but because they are also extremely delicious. While there may be guests who will give any sweets a wide berth, this is hardly the case where fruits are involved; fruits should therefore be an integral part of your high tea menu.
  • Petit Fours: These are basically small cakes that appear quite attractive to the eyes especially since they come in different colors. They can actually be adorned with a variety of flowers, pastels or stripes and their cube shapes look very nice when layered with jam or any other form of filling. Petit fours are available in a variety of types such as chocolate, sponge or pound.
  • Tarts: No matter what size of tarts you provide, tarts, whether small or large will always be a perfect accompaniment for tea. While most people love strawberry or lemon flavored tarts, you could also include those with mixed fruits especially for those of your buddies who are careful about calorie counting.
  • Scones: These are perhaps the winners when it comes to tea companions since they are bulky and can easily be dipped in tea for those who don’t mind it. There is a choice between plain and sweet scones that you can serve with your high tea with a variety of spreads. Among the most popular are poppy seed, cranberry, cherry and orange glazed scones without forgetting lemon curd which seems to be extremely famous.
  • Finger Sandwiches: These are minute sandwiches which your guests can savor by using their fingers especially if you split them into fours or even eights with each having its crust. Some of the most loved varieties include cucumber mint, chicken salad, herbed cream cheese, smoked salmon, watercress, and egg salad, tomato with basil, ham and orange as well as tomato with mayonnaise.
  • Cookies: Who does not relish tea accompanied with some cookies? You can definitely create your very own at home to surprise your guests with your culinary skills or simply purchase some ready made ones. Some of the most preferred varieties include shortbread cookies, meringue, medaleines and linzer cookies.
  • Desserts: There is no better way of enjoying all those cakes, scones, tarts and cookies than presenting a very special dessert to simply wow all your guests just when they think everything they could savor has been served.
  • Other pastries: You have the choice of making your high tea a simple one with just a few pieces of biscuit and sandwiches or increasing the varieties to make a sumptuous offering; only remember to create a comfortable environment and you are home and dry.