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Paleo Travel Snacks

Paleo Travel Snacks

  • Sardines. I know that this sounds crazy that sardines would be the first thing on my escape list, but when having good protein sources is key to your hormone balance (aka calm moods!) it’s tough to bring a roasted chicken or some grass fed beef burgers when you have no refrigeration or a working stove. (Air tight packs or easy-open cans of salmon or tuna work well too.)
  • Nut butter. I have learned the hard way that you can’t bring full jars of natural nut butter on an airplane. The oil that rises to the top is a liquid red flag to the TSA crew. What you can bring is small packs of nut butter or make nut butter sandwiches on Ezekiel bread, or flaxseed crakers. Bags of nuts work too.
  • Fruit. Apples and pears don’t need to be refrigerated and come in mother nature’s edible wrapper.
  • Trail Mix or Raw Bars. Here are a few good options: Grain Free Paleo Trail Mix: basically any homemade combo of raw or soaked and sprouted nuts and seeds + dried fruit or coconut flakes, Homemade Granola Bars, Didi’s Living Granola, Spirulina Energy Bars
  • A sleeping mask. It’s tough to sleep with the light pollution of a hotel room. Your cozy sleep-giving hormones like complete darkness, not the light from the clock or that light-crack under the door.
  • Empty stainless steel water bottle. (Fill it when you get through security at the airport or arrive at your new location.)
  • Baby wipes. You know you’ll need these for something.

Enjoy your travels. Hopefully your next trip will be to somewhere beautiful, full of adventure, or relaxing. When Tropical Storm Allison hit us in Houston we ran off to Paris. When Hurricane Rita hit Houston we had just moved to Ann Arbor. When Hurricane Ike hit we were in Disney World. This is the first time we didn’t just miss the storm for a vacation or a recent move. So, keeping our fingers crossed that this turns out to be just another Drummond family adventure.