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Peach Ginger Can Make Any Recipe

Peach Ginger Can Make Any Recipe

Peach Ginger Gelato

Looking for a fun dessert that tastes great and can be made cheaply? If you’re a person who already enjoys making ice creams and sorbets, making gelato is a similar process. All you’ll need is several peaches and grated ginger to make up the base of the flavor. By adding in the traditional gelato materials (egg yolk, milk, cream and sugar), you can guarantee that you’ll end up with a frozen treat that will pack a flavorful punch. Instead of buying ice cream at the grocery store, take the healthy alternative and add a little fruit in a gelato instead.

Peach Ginger Sangria

If you’re an adult who’s looking for a summertime drink to share with your friends, you’re probably are aware of sangria. You can make sangria with a variety of alcohols and mixtures, but making the drink with fruit and spice can really hit the spot. Instead of packing on calories with several beers or getting sick after multiple shots of liquor, why not try mixing your alcohol with healthy fruit? All you need is to mix a small knob of ginger with some peach slices, mixed in with some rum and chardonnay. Make sure you let the fruit macerate for an hour and you can count of having a drink that will be nothing short of a crowd pleaser.

Peach Ginger Chicken

Mixing fruit with meat can seem a bit strange if you’re rather new to cooking. Experienced chefs will tell you that cooking both together can guarantee big, bold flavor. The process is easy as well. By taking a chicken breast and putting it in a baking dish, you can surround it with peaches and use the extra juice as a marinade. Then, sprinkle ground ginger on the chicken and bake until the chicken is appropriately cooked. Instead of having a flavorless chicken, you’ll now have a slice of meat that will pack a punch with every bite.