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We wake up from a dead sleep caused by a Saturday night of too much everything, settle into the car, and tune the radio to one of the acoustic sunrise stations and drive while Radiohead carries us to Solstice Cafe in Grant Park. There it is at the north end of a strip mall, next door to an vacant space, a dirty, old, rundown laundromat, and a small Mexican food market with a ceiling lined with pinatas, Solstice Cafe is a quaint, bohemian food spot easily below the foodie radar.

Simple metal tables painted over with an amateur painter’s touch, walls lined with paintings in various media and a bar serving both omelettes and alcohol, this is yet another secret spot unvisited by the hordes of breakfast feeders searching for another order of biscuits, grits and pancakes.

Solstice Cafe is what would happen if you turned an excellent bohemian coffee shop into a breakfast and lunch spot and then gave it a liquor license. The staff is friendly and on this particular Sunday morning, everyone seems to be gripping the hours before tomorrow as they sip their coffees and enjoy Sinatra crooning over the speakers.

The menu is lite, mostly consisting of eggs, sandwiches, potatoes and other simple fare. No pancakes, no super size servings. Just a quiet space away from the lines at the Flying Biscuit, Thumbs Up, and Crescent Moon – all with a huge painting of Elvis behind the bar.

Review Summary: 4.3 out of 5

562 Boulevard SE

Atlanta, GA, 30312

(404) 622-1976