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Country Bars

These were old English countryside pubs that served ale with a brief menu. The contemporary forms have diversified the menu vastly, and serve a variety of liquor-based and non-alcoholic drinks. However, most of these have preserved the ambience, with classic wood furniture, light and jovial country music. These often feature live performances and an environment that is suitable to engage in conversations. They are apt for an after-work get-together with friends, where you can sit and chit-chat. The way you dress up should be casual and stylish. A quick party can be planned at these.

Night Clubs

These are the all-time favorites of most people amongst bars. As the name suggests, these are apt for late night parties. The ambience is that of dim lights, dance floors and a professional DJ to get you on the groove. The menu usually enlists a variety of cocktails and mocktails with starters and snacks in the offer. A low-lit interior with neon light bar stools and adept bar tenders are typical of such places. You would want to look your best while going into one of these, so consider putting on your best clothes and visiting a beauty salon to help you groom as you look forward to enjoy the evening. Since the nightclubs are housed within malls, there are various salons and parlors under the same roof to give you a touchup.

Sports Bar

These are specially designed to become ‘the guy thing’ in town. With rustic interiors, classic wood d├ęcor and huge plasma screens, these offer the perfect ambience for cool dudes to hang out with their friends. Here you can enjoy your favorite game along with your gang with chilled beer. The big screen experience of viewing your favorite sports and to hang out with friends has made these popular amongst men. You can dress up the way you want to as you are amidst your friends or colleagues. The menu is loaded with fun starters and munchies, along with some filling dishes as well. The variety of beverage is more on the non-alcoholic side with an exception of beer as people go there to enjoy and not to get drunk.