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When looking at beef recipes it is important to take these things into consideration in order to get the particular flavor you are looking for. In particular you should take a look at not only the above, but also the spices used in cooking and animal’s genetics. While some beef recipes will call for specific types of beef, feel free to experiment with different types to find what your personal preference is.

First off is the diet of the animal prior to its slaughter. There are different camps in regards to what is the best in terms of what the animal should be eating. However, most will agree that a cow eating naturally growing grass in the field will be OK. There is no question however, that sweeter grass will produce a sweeter meat.

Next is how the animal was slaughtered. If the cow was held in close captivity it can become scared which actually does affect the taste. Hormones will be released as a result in a different taste. Higher priced meat will often be because the cows were kept calm prior to being slaughtered, resulting in a better tasting end result.

Spices have a more obvious effect on the taste of the meat. Most people generally follow what the beef recipe calls for while cooking. However, more experienced cooks will know what tastes good and can modify existing beef recipes to get a more unique and seasoned taste out of the beef.

Lastly, we have where the animal comes from. Most people are familiar with at least some of the different types. Angus beef is one of the more common types that are called for in beef recipes, but there are others. It is more of a standard for which the beef can be known. When someone purchases or orders Angus beef, they know what to expect in terms of its quality and how it might differ from other types of cattle. Each type has its slightly different taste. Ultimately it is up to the consumer to make the decision as to what is the best.