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At Easter, eggs should take centre stage on all tables. These look best when dyed. Instead of opting for shop-bought egg dye, start collecting onion skins. Many nations worldwide wrap eggs in onion skins and boil them in little parcels for a beautiful, natural colour effect.

If you find yourselves with too many boiled eggs to eat, use them to make dishes like deviled eggs, scotch eggs and salad nicoise. Boiled eggs can be kept fresh in the fridge for up to a week.

Spring Specialties

For carnivores, spring is a great season to eat lamb. Sprinkle a roast with fresh herbs and drizzle with some mint sauce. Ideally, the herbs should come from your windowsill or kitchen garden. These taste best!

Alternatively, for a little something lighter opt for chicken or fish. Again, these are great drizzled in some olive oil and sprinkled with salt and fresh herbs. The dishes don’t take a lot of effort to prepare, and just need to be put in the oven. These are great for when you have lots of guests coming over as you can save yourself some time.

Vegetarians are really well off in spring with lots of fruit and vegetables in season and at their finest. Use new potatoes in salads or roast them. Beetroot, rhubarb and spinach are also fantastic at this time of the year.

International Foods

Fancy trying something new this year? Why not experiment with some international cooking. Other cultures boast numerous Easter recipes. For example, traditional Russian food is Paska, a cheese dessert with dried fruit and nuts. This is completely gluten free so recipes needn’t be adapted for coeliacs.

Greeks bake a special kind of cookie for Easter and you can easily substitute regular flour with the gluten free kind.


You might not feel like cooking a feast for a big group of friends and family. Providing snacks could be enough. Chop up some fresh vegetables and serve these with a dip like hummus or taramasalata. For something more filling, set out some oat cakes as well.