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Brick oven cooking actually dates back to 3000 years and this method was used for baking bread. With pizzas being delivered to home, this traditional Italian dish is turning out to be favorite among masses these days. Traditionally, ovens were made with the help of material that was not costly and that can be obtained from the nature itself. Like, it was made with the help of clay previously. Nowadays, the trend is changing and we have everything readily available like we can make wood oven on our own. Once the wood oven is used for making pizzas, the oven will have to be left to rest for a few minutes for enabling the heat to reduce.

While other model ovens are available why brick oven pizzas are so special? They are made special because of the following reasons:

Brick ovens are capable of withstanding high heat and when prepared in high heat, the prepared pizza will not dry out easily. Generally, when it comes to this model of oven, wood is used for firing it and when the wood used is fruit wood like red oak, pecan, maple and apple wood, it will offer an authentic smell, texture and taste to the pizza. The texture of these pizzas also attracts people and this texture is attained because of the floor in which the cooking is done. Above all, this model of oven can heat up quickly and it can withstand the heat for several hours thereby making the cooking time faster.

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