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Tasting Water

Tasting Water

When our first tank of water in the motor home was expended, we refilled it from the RV resort where we had spent the night. Then we found we disliked the taste of the water even when used for coffee or tea! Before that moment, we had not realized there was a difference in the taste of water. We searched high and low for “good” tasting water before we refilled that RV tank and ended up buying bottled water to drink.

Thus, began our education about water and what a precious commodity it is. We are blessed to live in a country that has good water for the most part. There are questions about the use of Fluoride in public water supplies, aging utility pipes and how safe our water supplies are from terrorist attacks. But, we can take many steps to ensure that we have access to good, pure drinking and cooking water.

When we had finished our odyssey of America, we settled in a small town in Arizona. Would you believe that the water does not taste very good here? We love the area so just purchased a water filter for our new home. So, began our next education, not all water filters are the same.

Many people living in under-developed countries do not have good water nor the opportunity to obtain any. It is dirty, polluted and often shared with the animals around them. An article recently posted on the water.org website stated that more hours are spent collecting water for personal use than are spent working at Wal-Mart, United Parcel Service, McDonald’s, IBM, Target, and Kroger put together..The water thus collected may or may not be healthy and fit for consumption. For information about water supplies in other parts of the world visit water.org.