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Time to Eat Pralines

Time to Eat Pralines

With Coffee or Tea

You know how drinking coffee or tea makes you crave a sweet treat to eat along with your beverage? Instead of a ho-hum cookie or donut, grab some pralines and share them with a friend. Your taste-buds will be tantalized for sure. The combination of flavors is perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth. Because they’re so rich and tasty, eating just one will satisfy your craving. Don’t feel too guilty for caving in to a craving, either. Because these goodies are chock-a-block with pecans, they are providing a healthy amount of protein, as well.

After a Meal

Some meals just taste better when finished off with pralines for dessert. A plate of barbecued ribs or chicken, corn-on-the-cob, mashed potatoes, and a side of coleslaw is a comfort food extravaganza. After you’re finished eating your dinner, it’s time for a sweet to top it off. Having your brown-sugared pecan treat with a cup of decaf or a dish of vanilla ice cream can be something close to heaven on earth.

At a Special Occasion

Throwing a baby shower, wedding reception, or anniversary party? Don’t forget to serve pralines to make the occasion even more special. At your dessert table, you can have the celebratory cake, some beautifully displayed fruit, a silver dish of mixed nuts, and a platter of these brown-sugared pecan treats. You can serve the full-sized circles or order pralinettes for bite-sized delights.