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Types Of Grain

Types Of Grain

  • Corn – This is a popular grain and you will find it in many food like tortilla wraps, popcorn and of course fresh corn on the cob. Some people believe that corn is not nutritious however this is being reviewed. When eaten with beans it can provide a mix of amino acids that will raise the protein value for humans. Always look to make sure you are getting the exact product and avoid labels with de-germinated on and look for whole corn instead.
  • Farro or Emmer – is an old strain of wheat and is one of the first cereals made domesticated. More people these days use durum wheat instead of Emmer, however in Italy it’s making a comeback for dishes all over the country and Ethiopia emmer is still commonly used.
  • Spelt – This is a variety of wheat which was used widely until mechanical harvesting left it forgotten and other more popular wheats were used. However Spelt has a very high level of protein in it. It is rich and nourishing and very good for you.
  • Wheat – Wheat itself is the most popular of the grains and is widely used. There are two main types durum wheat which is used for pasta and bread wheat which is used for most other wheat foods. Hard wheat, used for bread, has a lot more protein in it and the stretchy gluten which helps bread rise, whereas soft wheat is lower in protein and used for wheat flour.
  • Grano – This is traditionally used in Italy. It is a healthy choice of grain but again isn’t technically a whole grain as it is missing some of the bran. Grano is mastered by using durum wheat kernels which are lightly polished. The bran is missing because the hard outer casing needs to be removed for cooking purposes.
  • Rye – This is a perfect grain for feeling full quickly, so can be beneficial for those trying to lose some weight. Rye was known as a weed but with its ability to grow in areas too cold or wet for other grains, it has actually earned respect. Always look for whole rye then you know you will get whole grain.